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Any given Friday when people choose to run around slapping anyone and everyone's asses. Usually, a male slaps a female's ass, and it's automatically considered okay for no reason other than the boy has proclaimed it "Slapass Friday."
BOY: *slaps girl's ass*
GIRL: What was that for, you prick?
BOY: Slapass Friday!
by Rachel Retardation December 01, 2006
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When girls get slapped in the butt by guys. Every Friday it is scheduled. A day when people can slap other people's butts. Girls can slap guys' butts too. Some people do enjoy this day. But it must be very painful for some girls, though.
Today, I noticed it was Slap Ass Friday. I spotted my crush of three years. And As I walked down the hall, I spotted him. Then, I passed by and I quickly slapped his bum with hard, heavy pressure. I could tell he enjoyed it because of his huge smile. It was great pleasure to do that. He blushed as I gave a wink and ran off cafeteria.
by I<3Sgt.Frog July 14, 2010
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A perverted game of tag played on Fridays. Object is to try and hit as many people's asses as possible without getting your ass slapped. From the outside it looks like a bunch of people running around and screaming live five year olds.
Girl 1: You know what day it is?

Girl 2: *slaps Girl 1's ass* Slap Ass Friday! *runs*

Girl 1: *chases her* I'm gonna get you!

Stranger: ?
by shadowladyxo March 06, 2015
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in high school where every friday all the guys in the school slap all the girls' asses. pretty much self explanitory.
sharika: heeeeey devonte! you know its slap ass friday right?? aren't you gonna do somethin' to me?

devonte: *slap's sharika's ass* mmmm. sorry baby. i forgot!
by dictionarylady September 02, 2008
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Slap ass Friday first originated from schools in Washington state, Basically any Friday of the year teens/kids/classmates will roam the hallways slapping any ass they see while saying "Slap ass Friday!" Generally guys will make this as an excuse to slap women's asses. Girls can slap guy's asses too, girls can slap girls asses, guys can slap guys asses. This Friday has been going on for seven years.
Guy: *slaps girl's ass*
Guy: "slap ass Friday!"
Girl: "you fucking jerk! Hmm well I guess it's okay cuz it's Friday
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by OmareBeach July 17, 2016
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The Friday of every single week all school year where students sexually harass other students by slapping each other's asses without consent. Students and teachers at the time don't even realize it's sexual harassment because of Rape culture in our society. All in all it's literally normalizing the sexual harassment and reducing the education of personal space and boundaries.
Sally: Oh my god! I totally just got my ass slapped by some random person today!
John: You do realize that's sexual harassment, right?
Sally: NO! THEY TOLD ME IT'S SLAP ASS FRIDAY, It's like an actual thing now.
John: I'm pretty sure that's sexual harassment, Sally! That's not okay at all.
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by melaninporn January 26, 2016
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