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When someone knows more slang words than you do.

Also means a game where people try to speak in slang so the other person will not know what they are talking about. Usually results in someone making up slang. In which case the person making up the slang will be dumber'd for making slang up. After a person says a slang word they think the other person wont understand or heard of they shout "SLANG'D". However if the person does understand the word the slang'd is reversed, with the person saying " Reversed slang'd". If one person gets slang'd twice in a row the person who knows the slang shouts "SLANG SANDWICH"

This game can also be played with normal words which are in the dictionary, but are compex, or are just higher order. But instead you shout "VOCAB'D"
* Rob just says a lot of slang to Alex *
* Alex gives Rob puzzled look*
Alex : What are you talking about?
Rob: Ha, you just got Slangar'd.

Rob: Yesterday I got soooo baked.
Alex: Baked????
Rob: SLANG'D - it means I got high
Alex: Yeah, well, the other day I was just nemping it. SLANG'D
Rob: You made that up! DUMBER'D!
Alex: Well, I have tooth sweaters. SLANG'D
Rob: Reversed slang'd - I know what that is. You are a rectum
Alex: Rectum?
Rob: VOCAB'D. It's your ass, init?
Alex: Ass? Init?
by I_Slangar'd_J00! June 02, 2009
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