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On the rapper Eminem's concert in Slane Castle, 2013, photos were leaked of a young girl giving a blowjob to a random dude, as well as some fingering-through-panties-action while kissing. The photos were shared on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Nobody knows why exactly these pictures are the first to recieve such tremendous digital popularity. One should think modern society doesn't know what happens on most concerts...
Female 1: Did you see the slane girl case?
Female 2: Yes. Poor girl, something like this should never happen to a person!

Male: ... You know this happens almost every day, right..?
by MrCr August 23, 2013
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Irish lass who experienced fleeting internet fame by being filmed performing oral sex on 17 strangers at an Eminem concert. Used to describe skanky/slutty behaviour, and epic feats of sexual depravity.
"Did you hear she fucked like six guys last night?"
"omg I know, how slanegirl"
by therealrealslimshady August 19, 2013
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