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A man with over ripe rotting hairy sweating armpits with such a foul oder they can make even a skunk run from the stench
raunchy guy1: hey i got a good case of skunk pits

raunchy guy2: really! gotta let me get a whiff starts sniffing

raunchy guy1: be my guest *lifts arm up

raunchy guy2: *gags at the stench eyes tearing and burries his face deeper

raunchy guy1: sick dude! *enjoys licking
by StinkyRottenAss February 16, 2011
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Really stinky armpits. The type of armpit stink that comes from some one who hasn't showered in twenty years, give or take.
Dylan has skunkpit!!!
by Blooreguard Q. Kazoo October 18, 2009
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