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During the 6th stage to the 8th stage saga of the class of 2008 on Bus 11, the infamous Skoll Fock gang was born. From pissing on the bus and blaming it on the radiator leaking or BJ chugging soda and Eric disturbing the chug letting the soda flow onto his face, the gang was at its prime. Beating gang members sensesly in one seat was common and was later formed as a ritual of accpetance or initiation to the gang. Great feats were accomplished during when Skoll Fock was formed including many bus stops, the challenge of 12+ people on a three seater, and finding the precious milk trophy. Dr Eric Visnoski pronounced and made universal that the gang symbol should be demonstrated with the signal of a Suzuki sign with the hands. Professor Horiguchi made many monumental discoveries. Some examples are: seat belts never have matching colors on one seat and taking foam from seats allows a greater chance to stick one's leg in it.

The well accpeted logo and symbol of the gang represents a mushroom-like/choad dick-like thing with an anime-like drawn smile. Usually the symbol is drawn repeatedly on each window when it is cold and the inside has dew.
by Takeshi Horiguchi January 17, 2006
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