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A person with multicolored or brightly dyed hair.
Used as an "insult" in a comment to Kaylah of The Dainty Squid (blog) but let's be honest, it's a hilarious and adorable way of saying your hair is dyed, especially when it's a non-natural color
Your hair colour changes so often... You're a real skittle head!

Person 1: I'm so glad I finally dyed my hair blue
Person 2: It looks great you skittle head!
by theberlynnwall April 08, 2015
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A Skittle Head is a person, who abnormally, has multicolored/ Rainbow dyed hair.
A Lot of people know a person, who is regularly, called this. His name is 6ix9nie...This person is normally where you would hear the word.
Shmar: Yo, Listen to 6ix9nies new song.....its LIT!

Nick: Oh that skittle head?
Shamr: Yea!
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by ItsKyraaaa March 13, 2018
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