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Is a term used when a lofi obsessed hipster wannabe from the poorer provinces poses as working class salt of the earth. These foul types pose as totally authentic and bullshit free in their own lives, but this is not the case. They have the same obsession with the superficial appearance of authenticity as their richer counterparts from Shoreditch who they are intensely jealous of. They have the same lack of original ideas and plunder the cultural production of previous generations and older musicians who they give no credit to. The only difference is that while the hipster goes digging in charity shops, the tipster goes digging in skips and the house clearances of dead people. Despite pleading poverty, they seem to have cash to spare for music hardware and software.
A man from Shoreditch-on-Sea studying for a music degree, decided to make some hip hop reflecting the gritty reality of poverty and his urban ghetto life – using a Technics deck, an MPC, Ensoniq and Akai samplers and a hi performance Mac running Ableton and Logic. But he was too mean to pay St Michaels Hospice for a copy Amen Brother and ripped of the internet. I knew he was a skipstercrite
by VHS-Rescue July 14, 2018
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