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A skillet chug is the act of pouring a 12oz. can of beer into a skillet (dirty or clean) and then chugging the contents of the skillet without removing your lips from the edge of the pan. Any alcoholic beverage can be used (jungle juice, whiskey) but beer is the most common. A 2 in 1 is where 2 beer are poured in the skillet and the participant must drink both without removing their lips from the skillet. Chanting is encouraged by everyone watching and once finished the skillet is then passed to the next participant.
M: Hey let's beer bong some beers!
K: But we don't have a beer bong...
M: I guess we'll just have to drink them the plain old boring way.
S: We do have this skillet.....
by Dad's House RVa May 24, 2011
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