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Sketchial Needs people are in everyones life, whether it be the ones wandering your school, inhabiting the local Tim Horton's for hours upon hours or in the mall doing something questionable.

Sketchial Needs is where they are NOT special needs, but just weird and sketchy, and do weird things that make you stop and think for a moment "maybe they ARE special needs". They lack any fashion sense. All ability to be cool, despite their fervent efforts and make fools out of themselves constantly. However there is no excuse for such a personality because they are completely able to fix themselves and become awesome.
The totally ballin Tim Horton's worker Tyler leans against the counter as someone with Sketchial Needs walks in.

"Oh great, heres Mrs. Sketchial Needs again" he says to Brittany.
She replies " ugh shes going to pretend to talk on her cellphone and write with 2 pens again!!"
by A Timmies Hoe April 05, 2010
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