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Robbert van Eijndhoven, a league of legends streamer who is famous for his generally humorous youtube videos featuring adc leblanc, ap miss fortune, counter counter-bruiser lux, among others. He has a sexy haircut and a voice that makes the angels envious.
He also raised well over $1million for Save the Children foundation in a single day of streaming LoL with over 7500 donations from his viewers. The donations reached $105,000, but the USAID multiplier for the fundraiser made it over $1million.
His favorite champions are Leblanc, Hecarim and Nidalee.
Bob: dude did you hear about siv hd's charity event?
John: are you kidding? even riot commended him

Brushie brushie leblanc master race
by koolaidrain September 14, 2013
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