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When you're not really a racist at heart (like you don't wake up in the morning, give a Nazi salute to 'Das Führer' first thing in the morning) however, you are still under some kind of influence which keeps you in the closet in terms of xenophobia and disassociation to people other than those who are like yourself.
For example... You know you suffer from "Situational Racism" when you're friendly with "Juan" because he is doing your lawn that day. Then, Juan sees you with friends and family at the same restaurant that weekend and when he says hi to you, you look at him with a bit of disgust and acting like you don't even know who he is.


You're not racist... No, you have a "black friend" at work... You've even had lunch with him on occassion.But no, you've never invited him to your BBQ's or other affairs at your home. I mean, he would be the only "Black guy" there.
by OahnX April 28, 2013
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