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Similar to the American word "Benjamins". A Sir Ed is a New Zealand $5 note. Aptly named for its picture of national hero Sir Edmund Hillary
Guy1: Bro can you get us a pie?
Guy2: Chur bro, i'll just have to break out a Sir Ed

Guy: Far Out! look at all those Sir Eds!
by KaineH2 August 31, 2009
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To become the father of.
George Harrison sired a son, but Patti Boyd remained childless.
by BeatlesFan1 August 16, 2010
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Sired means you are sad and tires at the same time.
Girl1: Omg I'm like so sired :(
Girl2: Aw you poor thing whats going on?
by Chickennugget7 November 12, 2020
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