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1)A person Who Has A Realyy Humunguss Dick!! And Normal Had A CUsin named Niyah, Isaiah,Tahmeen,, Or A Best friend Name Keemani,,tennel,,Alexis,,Jessica,,Or Jackie.

2) A Person Who Walks Around LOokinga Hot ass Mess
3) A Person Who Hass Nuthing better to Do Exspt Make Dumb Ass Clapping Videos Or Other Videos On Myspace
4) Normaly a Fat Fuck
Daniel:hay Boo where Your Cuzo?
Niyah: Somewhere Clapping His ass Wit His Best friend Jessica
Daniel:Eww He Gay
Niyah:He Look a Hot ass Mess to
Daniel : he Is Such a Simeon Nathaniel washington
by Joshua Nicholes November 28, 2009
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