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A disease in which the infected person falls for another, the "crushee," and then exhibits:

1.) Denial, such as obscurely rejecting all mention of the crushee.
2.) Fetishes for a body part of the crushee.
3.) The ability to always know where the crushee is at any time.

If Sylvia Syndrome goes without cure for an extended period of time, the diseased person will also exhibit:

4.) Creepiness to the extent of taking picture of the crushee while they are not aware.
5.) Stalking all the crushee's relations on Facebook.
6.) Naming all inanimate objects after the crushee.
7.) Observing the crushee to the point of memorizing all their habits.

There is currently no known cure for Sylvia Syndrome.
I always see him in the big crowd... do I have Silvia Syndrome?
by StarWars7 May 30, 2011
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