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A woman in her mid-thirties that resides in Silverdale, Washington. A silverdale mom has 3 to four children all of which play soccer. Her wardrobe consists of tight fitting workout clothes that all reveal her enlarged fupa. She shops at traders joes, visits the hair salon, and chats with friends at the local Starbucks on the daily. She owns an unreasonable number of Home Goods throw pillows and always stays up to date with Martha Stewart's latest seasonal DIY decorations.
" Hey Deb, you meeting with the girls at the Y later this afternoon?"

"Oh sorry Carrie not today! I have to pick up the boys from their soccer match and stop by Trader Joes to buy some all natural, vegan, no gmo, chicken tenders."

-excerpt from a Silverdale Mom convo
by RRDOG May 31, 2016
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