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Silly Cup Day takes place the first of every year. January 1st, 2009 was the inaugural silly cup day created by three young men in the quiet suburbs of Detroit. The goal of Silly Cup Day is to find the silliest cup in the house and drink out of it all day; preferably with alcohol, good friends, and scuzzy hoes. Later in the night, everyone writes the name down of who they believe has the silliest cup in the house. Created by Anbru,Rahib, and Kneil, whom also formed the band Sticky Sippy Cups the same night. Silly Cup Day will be celebrated by the majority of the world by 2015.
"Holy hell, I am hung over as shit from Silly Cup Day!" - Laurinec

"I wish I was cool enough to participate in Silly Cup Day." - Jamison

"I was Silly Cup Champion in 2009." - Anbru

by ambru rahib kneil January 01, 2009
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