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A term used when someone takes an English word or phrase and tries to make it sound Welsh by adding sounds such as 'iau' to the end of them.

Can also be used to substitute a word if a Welsh speaker has forgotten the Welsh translation of that word.

Likewise, certain Welsh words can be added to an English sentences.
Silly Flelsh Examples:

Jack: So what did you have for breakfastiau?

Jordan: I had a bowlio of Coco Popsiau!



"Dwi'n hoffi bwyta pasta, ond dwi'n ddim yn hoffi bwyta cig achos mae'n... disgusting iawn"


Harriet: Hey, how are you doing?

Jordan: Good iawn!

Harriet: Ah, neis iawn.
by JordieBo February 10, 2013
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