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SilentDroidd is a youtuber who uploads gameplays of himself playing with a funny way, Believe me, You're gonna laugh your ass off. His real name is Arlan , He rarely plays with the Vanoss crew group but he was in the banana bus video so he is considered a member of the bananabussquad or simply just BBS. He is half mexican and half american but he was born in Chula Vista , California , He is just mexican from his dad's side of the family. He is popular for his mexican voice for his gta 5 character which named as "Carlos". He has such a great personality and a talented content for his channel, He has a cute accent and he is good looking guy but sadly he doesn't have a girlfriend , and don't forget if you want to know anything about him, go to his Q&A videos , He has a bunch of them and have a visit to his channel , Maybe if you like what you see , Sub to him , He hasn't reached 1 million subs yet so just give him a chance and sub to him. He is also best friends with the fellow youtuber Lui Calibre.
SilentDroidd is a sweetheart who loves his fans and appreciate their work, He is also a hot guy :3
by BananaBusSquadlilshit August 06, 2018
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