When you can't get close enough to say it out loud you can silently ask anyone if they support positive awareness of Hepatitis C.

A silent campaign to help patients and victims too silent for too long. Created so musicians or speakers can ask from a stage or people can ask from the audience. The answer can be given the same way as the question.

Because way too much ignorance surrounds patients and victims of the HCV people think they have to keep the disease a secret. There is a growing movement to raise awareness, ask questions, demand support where there is none and never has been any.

Create the sign for "C" with your right hand or your left hand facing the to the left. The goal is to allow the person looking at you see a "C"
It ain't the finger. It doesn't mean call me. When you thro the Sign For C with your hand makin the C sign its a shout out sayin it's time for positive awareness of Hepatitis C. You askin the question, are ya down?
by Make A Difference. July 29, 2008
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