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Noun, program used to detect aimbotters in halo pc. SJing someone was a common term of the bot infestation that happened durring patches 1.06 and 1.07. n00bs would often insist that they had sight jacked a player. the alleged aimbotter would then be kicked/ banned by server admin, typically the player was innocent.
sight jacker halo pc:

n00b: xXyuNtOcHabLE is botting I SJd him ban his ass!
xXyuNtOcHabLE : yeah right that kids just a n00b and im pwning him!
xXyuNtOcHabLE quit
Admin: botter has been kicked
n00b:hahaha lmfao i was jk im the real botter
n00b quit
by architype X November 28, 2011
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