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or just "the village" a strip of of tourist shops and shithole bars on a road full of slow ass drivers and idiot pedestrains. During the week its only a few old poeople who even dare leave their precious little beach condos. weekends you get high, fucked up, and drunk. As for the "natives" were the ones that ride bicycles around with barefeet and a fishing pole. If your old you just go around in your buick and rat on the teenagers, ya thanks alot. middle-aged people are either the rich families or single men with no jobs who go to the beach. If your in your twenties good for you go get fucked up and laid at on the infamous bars. If your a teenager living here you might as well get high cuz there's nothing else to do.
Teen 1: Aye my native get high at the drum circle?

Teen 2: Fuck that shit the popo aint gonna take all our weed again

Teen 3: you guys gonna hit up sum shit at the beach

Teen 1: wa wrong wit you boi, fuck this im ridin to da siesta village

Teen 2: dude hes trippin

Teen 1: you wanna buy sum mids from me

Teen 2: oh sit its the cops

Teen 1: again!
by the941 February 24, 2011
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