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Unlike the moronic definition above, sidewalk chicken is when you and a stranger are walking in the same path toward one another on a pedestrian walk way and you both refuse to move out of the way. Therein becoming a game of chicken to see which person will move out of the way. The person moving out of the way is seen as the less dominant of the two the minds of those who would rather crash into the other person and have a physical show down than move out of the way.

Usually accompanied by mean mugging (see also mad mugging)
People in power suits in downtown Chicago fucking love to play sidewalk chicken. They were born with a silver spoon in their mouth and have never been in a fight in their life but coke makes you feel hard, nigga.

I was playing sidewalk chicken with this bro on the sidewalk. We both stared at each other mad hard.
by pseudonymnonominon July 29, 2016
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When you and a stranger are walking in opposite directions on the sidewalk and, despite how far away you are, how much space to your sides you have, and multiple attempts to get out of each other's way, you always seem to step in the same direction, resulting in you bumping into one another.

The more vigorously you step left and right to avoid the other person, the more violent the impact.
"Dude, I got deadlocked into an epic game of Sidewalk Chicken today. You'd think that 50 feet would be enough but there was no way out!"

"These two girls looked like they were rave dancing toward each other on Main street, but then they rammed into each other last second. It was a huge game of Sidewalk Chicken!"

"Haha dude! I treated this suit walking down my block to a nice game of Sidewalk Chicken. You should have seen how fast his feet went by the time we hit!"
by Tbonesteak4dinner September 03, 2011
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