Exactly what it states above! Freedom of expression is a wounderful thing but, dang this takes it to that holy shit level of what the fuckness, that would make Ron Jeremy blush!

Her: I don't need to know
Whatever his/her psuedo is for the day: But...
Her: I don't want to know!
WHPIFTD: Yes you doo..
Her: No, I freakin don't!

Her: No, I just got screwed over literary and literaly but and arrogant prick named JOHNATHAN, and I know what the problem is. I need therapy why, sigmund the tourfromtheville?
WHPIFTD: So you don't punch him in the face!
Her: Ha ha...He's not worth the negitave energy it would take to throw down or want to for that matter.
WHPIFTD: Why not?

Her: Because, It's all like free therapy for the masses and I don't need therapy!
WHPIFTD: Yes you do!
WHPIFTD: Well, why not!
Her: He knows why and the day he stops lying for himself and being a douchebag of doom to prove the wrong point he'll understand.
WHPIFTD: You don't want to know really???
Her: Thats the thing. . .There are wants and desires / needs and nourishments. And he's feeding off the wrong end of tryed to twist my life all up in bullshit because he's shady as hell! They should have named him sir fucksoveralot and he can be gangster and go fuck himself for a change!
WHPIFTD: And how does that make you feel?
Her: F'k you brain boy, and this is grasping at straws if you ask me! I love you guys and all but, you're asking alot and I've already lived threw alot. I truley wish you all would have some couth and understand! I know, I can have a dirty mind but, but some of this just went to, Sick twizled 'Mother' Fukers status! Their is a decent guy that has had a crush on me, for some crazy reason, since we were 17 and he's quite wounderful as a human being! Works hard. Has opinions like the rest of sociaty and some of them are quite good to listen to. That and I love him for all the ways he is trying to be a part of and in my life daily. You either have respect or a care for that, like I do. Or, you're only going to associate your own minds wants over what others may need. We all have family's we care for and about daily. So, let me ask you. . .Who needs therapy?
Understanding it is on you, to accomplish your life, goals, dreams, wishes, lost feelings from resentments, hardships, encouragements, smiles, tears, laughter and years is all the help ya need! I'll always be here for you if you need me and thats a promise! Now go get 'the love of your life' for 5 mins so I can get some freakin sleep not being concerned for you jackhole!
WHPIFTD: You talk too much and it hurts my head!
Her: Your taint is going to hurt if you say I need therapy one more time!
WHPIFTD: You ne....
by StringsInventHappyThings May 28, 2012
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