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A Siberian Toe Ring is when during the act of Anal Intercourse your partner involuntarily defecates, which in many cases has a spurting element to it. In order to stop the spray of feces the other partner inserts their big toe directly into the anus. The result after removal of said large toe is a thick brown ring, very similar to a fashionable toe ring worn by women in Western Culture during summer months. The “Siberian” title is because people in that part of the world have a poor diet and are prone to involuntary defecation, or so rumor has it.
I literally fucked the shit out of Florence's ass last night.
Why do you say that? Look at my Siberian Toe Ring. That bitch's ass was squirting like a mother fucker.

Q. Where did you get your toe ring, I was looking for a new one?
A. You don't want one like this it is a Siberian. I told Marilyn not eat Taco's prior to me pounding her ass.
by Granny Gromann June 02, 2010
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