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The Shrinking-Box Hand Gesture (SBHG) is used to describe abstract things by leadership in a corporate environment. Typical uses are to describe a process, workflow, or when making a really good point that everyone should pay attention to. To perform the SBHG, simply start with your hands placed wide on the table with your palms facing eachother. After making each point, or describing each step, lift your hands like you are holding a box, and pretend to shrink it by an increment proportional to something in your description. Place the imaginary box back on the table. Your hands will be closer together with the palms facing. Now, repeat the process until you are satisfied. This phrase can be used in many situations such as:
"Wow, that was a good Shrinking-Box Hand Gesture used in that meeting!"
"He/She really got me with that Shrinking-Box Hand Gesture. I just nodded and agreed!"
"I will now perform the Shrinking-Box Hand Gesture"
Wow, that was a good Shrinking-Box Hand Gesture he/she used in that meeting!
by Caticon July 10, 2018
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