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A cat that will lay across your shoulder while you walk around, sometimes around the back of your neck if you're using both hands to secure them. Contrary to popular belief, cats don't have nine live and certainly don't always land on four feet.

For instance, I once had a cat so tame that it didn't know how to land. At all. And I'm assuming that if you have a shoulder cat that trusts you enough to laze around atop your shoulder, it wont be able to either, so be careful.
Shoulder cat; A cat on your shoulder

"Its kind of funny how Capt'n, you're pet, sits on your shoulder and not the other way around" (Don't get the joke?:

A captain with a pet on their shoulder (parrot, monkey, cat) instead of a person with Cap'n on their shoulder) *sigh* I know, lame joke, em I right?
by catsanddogs123456 August 14, 2017
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