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A circle jerk consisting of men who feel overwhelmingly insecure about their masculinity and feel the need to constantly remind everyone around them how "manly" they are every single chance they get. They may also have aggressive sexuality harassment and rape tendencies toward women, because they are after all nothing more than pieces of meat who aren't equal to the superior manly race anyway so it doesn't matter. They may also impregnate these women that they prey upon as well because Trump made killing babies illegal and the world needs more of these savage masculine jar heads running around. These particular extreme right-winged militia men areally also obnoxiously racist and strongly believe that racist slurs and actions are completely okay as long as it isn't against their precious porcelain skin color, but at the same time are in total denial of their racism. They also love to prey upon "cry baby snowflakes" because it reminds them of Trump's "snowflakes" they catch in their little bitch mouths. If you dare burn a flag on US soil they're gonna come and shoot you in the face with the freedom brothers, but if you're not in US soil and you burn a flag it's totally okay! You dknt want that, they're strong as hell for carrying all those extra chromosomes! Oh and don't forget THEY'RE IN THE MILITARY AND BETTER THAN YOU LIBTARDS!!!
Hey man, I'm feeling pretty insecure about my small penis, wanna go shooting with the freedom brothers? I'd love to see that big ol' bald eagle America shlong of yours. Mmm, I wanna make you butthurt if ya know what I mean ;) no homo"
by SmittyWebenjagermanjensen#1 February 08, 2017
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