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1. One who exhibits a tortured use of logic to support an untenable claim.

2. A reference to the infamous Youtube user who goes by the username, Shockofgod. The syndrome is so named because Shockofgod is renowned for mutilating basic logic.
"Johnny is suffering from Shockofgod Syndrome because he demonstrates a complete lack of understanding regarding X, Y, and Z propositions."

"Give proof and evidence that atheism is accurate and correct." This is Shockofgod's basic challenge to all atheists. The question itself is full of tautologies, a very basic misunderstanding of what atheism actually is, and no understanding of the burden of proof. Dozens of atheists have posted responses to his question detailing the problems with the question itself. Instead of answering the objections to his own question, Shockofgod simply ignores these objections, declares victory, and goes home, à la George Bush II.

The only answer atheists have been able to wring out of him, so far, was in the form of a twisted use of the burden of proof where he stated that the burden is on the atheist because Christians outnumber atheists, which may also be a case of argumentum ad populum.
by Kylenki September 02, 2010
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