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The term Shizzly bear, or simply Shizzly is a euphemism for anything related to poo or pooing in the wilderness. First, the root/prefix of shizz is a standard urban reference used as a generic replacement for the word shit. When completed with 'ly and bear, it creates a natural wilderness reference similar to Grizzly bear. Together, shizz and -ly bear frame a subtle and humorous way to conjure a corny laugh from you friends while engaged in wilderness activities. This assumes your friends understand a basic hip-hop culture reference, of course. It's common for the reference to completely go over someone's head and catch up to them at a later point when they laugh out loud (lol). Because of that subtle elegance, this word offers similar humor opportunities to the word turdle. It's great with the appropriate timing but quickly becomes un-funny when over used. Please quit after the first laugh to avoid burning it out.
Shhh.. -fart-
Did you hear that? I think I heard a Shizzly bear.

Or if you have to crap in the woods, simply announce to your friends "Hey, I think the Shizzly bears are closing in"
by L.Dub October 22, 2012
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