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S.C = Shit Cunt.
Haines = Matthew's last name.

Shit Cunt Haines.
Verb; doing an S.C Haines, making an S.C Haines call.
Adjective; "You're such an S.C Haines."

See also; S.C Haines, shit cunt, general fuckhead, toy cunt, 'The Neverending Book Of Awful Calls' Written by Matthew Haines.

- Shit Cunt Haines is a saying and a term used to describe someone that makes a bad call, does something utterly stupid, or is just generally a fucking twat. Many, many people know and love this widely used term. Matthew Haines (who has been named the original Shit Cunt and the founding member of all Shit Cunts around the world) is a lord to all of whom are born natural shit cunts or do the hard yards and earn there way to becoming an A-Grade shit cunt, with calls such as these:
"She's hell hot!"
"Mate, she looks like a horse. What you fuckin' said was such a Shit Cunt Haines call."

"I once kicked this heaps good goal on Fifa, but no one saw it except me. But it was actual good........"
"Shut the fuck up. No one cares. Biggest S.C Haines call."


"Let's get some drunk bitches, fuck them and then leave in the morning but say we'll say goodbye first and leave our number in case they need to contact us."
"S.C Haines moment x100."

And to all you losers that don't like swearing, I have but one thing to say to you - Eat a bag of freshly circumsized dicks, you cock juggling thundercunts.
by Eatadickcunt. August 18, 2010
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