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Shinobi vs. Dragon Ninja is the debut single from lostprophets, taken from the album thefakesoundofprogress. The song's name is derived from the video games Shinobi and Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja.

Track Listing:

C.D. 1
Shinobi vs. Dragon Ninja
The Lesson Part 1

C.D. 2
Shinobi vs. Dragon Ninja
Still Laughing (live)
Miles Away From Nowhere

Shinobi vs. Dragonninja
Miles Away From Nowhere

from the album: thefakesoundofprogress
Released: 26th November 2001 (U.K)
Format: CD
Genre: Alternative metal
Length: 2:47
Label: Visible Noise

Chart positions
41 - (U.K)
shinobi vs. dragon ninja (single) was the first single
by Scarer August 11, 2006
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