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Its a term describe something that is not right or unsettling!

When someone has done something stupid that has made you upset or angry.

usually a situation that disturbs you
This girl walked up to the front desk of the hotel with a stank attitude demanding a refund because she broke the toilet in her hotel room that was not broke when she checked in....check the Houskeeping report! After dealing with her nonsense, she walked away and the front desk clerk said loudly, "There must be some shickery going on around here!"

"That's some shickery business right there!"

"That girl ain't nothin but some shickery hood rat chick, you betta leave her alone before she give you some that shickery business, you don't know where she been!"


"It's some shickery business going on around here, I'm out!"

"Shickery people equal Shickery business, holla!"
by JustinBoi May 28, 2010
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