Tactics used to deliberately confuse someone so that their previous agreements can be broken. (Made popular by street perfomers, where there are 3 shells or cups in a row. One shell or cup has a ball placed underneath. The performer moves all the shells around quickly and then stops. The subject is asked to guess where the ball is...usually incorrect.)
Mary said she had a great girl she wanted me to meet this weekend. On Thursday, I asked Mary "so Mary, what's this girll's name i'm meeting this weekend?" Mary replies "oh, i think it's Jenny or maybe it's Jason..i'll let you know. On Friday you ask "so Mary, is her name Jenny or Jason?" Mary replies "do I know you?" You call your friend and say Mary just played the Shell Game.
by aliveandstill55 March 20, 2010
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a competition to see who can murder each others crew first. made popular by the Dresden Dolls music video with Panic! at the Disco for the Dresden Dolls song "Backstabber"
"Its a fucking shell game now"
by Amber Renee October 07, 2006
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