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Located in the lovely area known as the Berkshires, Sheffield is an amazing land. Known for it's many (way to many) antique shops. We also have a big elm tree somewhere that apperently is the towns livelyhood, but no one really knows where the fuck it is. With a population of 3,335, about 3,000 of that is made up of annoying weekend New Yorkers that steal our toilet paper and take pictures of our leaves. The locals drink alot of beer and shoot alot of things, and we sure are proud of it. Sheffield also has a variety of strangely named roads, which makes our town very proud. With names such as "Bow Wow" "Ranapo" and "Polikoff", theres no denying you're in Sheffield!
woaaah you're from Sheffield, MA the place with the big elm tree? Mint!

Polikoff? What the fuck is a polikoff? We must be in Sheffield!
by cuhcuhcow January 20, 2013
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