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Shatedra is a black ass girl with no butt and HUGE boobs. She will always smack a bitch iface needed. She will always have your back unless you don't have hers. She only fucks will real people and not fake bitches. She may not know when to stop or how to say sorry. She gets on everyone's nerves if she dose not stop but she will apologize to the people she cares about. She is the best in bed. She's up ton anything expecially kinky things. She's WAY HORNY all the time. Shes the best at deep throughing too. She can throw the best partys. She never flirts, but all in all she is the sweetest craziest bitch ever.
by Shatedra December 27, 2016
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Someone Who is Unresponsible. Shatedra forgets to call her mom when hanging out with friends. She causes people to worrie and offen call the police to report her missing. Shatedra’s a big trouble maker.
Oh, boy, you hung out with a Emily?!? I heard she was a total Shatedra!
by Lol yes, it’s the truth December 26, 2017
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