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1) Shamieka is a lil stupid girl, who uses people around her to gain the popularity food chain. Feeding of firend's friends, she elaborately uses her friends of lower rank of popularity, to hook on to a higher rank. Her first bait/victim is Genika, over using her tirelessly Genika, she hooked on to Karrisa, Chantee and the other little *itches ( pardon me i have an itch in my ass ). She continues and hooks on to average or high rank and leaves her overuseed friends into the dumpster, labelling them as dignas ( see digna )

2) In short a backstabbing friend user, popularity chain rank hungry and a gaboona ( see gaboona for more details )
eNTi: Damnn look at that popularity hungry
girl who uses friends.

man1: Uhh.. is she that one eating that girl.

eNTi: Yea..
by kookooboy March 01, 2005
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