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Phrase used to express disagreement or displeasement with a statement made by another person. It is used normally within discussions about video games on forums and imageboards.

The phrase originates from the relationship system that forms part of Bioware's title, Dragon Age: Origins, where the aforementioned Shale is found as an ally and playable character. This character is known for being a stone golem, for her ability to use crystals as weapons and for her bizarre opinions on pretty much everything, causing almost every attempt to start a conversation with Shale getting mad at you and the game displaying "Shale Dissaproves."
Noob: I think Halo is the best game ever !!
Overlord: *Shale Disapproves*

Shale: Try to imagine, if it will, what it would be like to be surrounded by nothing but peasants, all oblivious to it.
Player: Sounds like you were bit of a voyeur.
Shale: I don't care to discuss this anymore. *Shale Disapproves*
by I Iz Snipezz June 11, 2011
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