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(n.) a bigger noob than the word defined "Serkis". Anyone referred to as a Shahinian is reflecting the uttermost disgust and lack of skill existent in the universe. Stephen Hawkings identified Shahinians as a parralell galaxy in which being a huge fatter noob than any other galaxy; this port to another dimension is accessed upon becoming the biggest noob with lacking skills in any activity they divulge their efforts into. Shahinians are located primarily in Toronto, Ontario; colors of Shahianians are Orange/red/with pubic colors of Orange or dark black.
(V.) These creatures will suck the time and life out of your day and will always carry ample supplies of granola bars in their cupboards.
(n.) Be weary the lack of skill and unnatractiveness of these Shahinians.
(v.) That Shahinan keeps a delicious supply of goods in its household.
by JosL337 December 08, 2010
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