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A sub-par restaurant nestled in the confines of Manchester, Connecticut. Shady Glen originated in 1949 by two elderly people but was purloined by a miserly old man and his wife swindling son. Famous for their really over priced, substandard, fried cheese burgers and ice cream. Every day hoards of ungrateful old geezers show up for their daily rations (consisting of: minidukie soup, undercooked meat, and ice cream to facilitate the liquefied bowel movements) after which they tip very poorly and complain. Employees often disgruntled by low pay. They make a habit to contaminate the food as much as possible by coughing, sneezing, etc. Some even relieve themselves in the bathrooms and proceed to prepare food without washing hands. Mentally handicapped people are often employed here to consume massive quantities of soda to fill their catheter (unbeknownst by managerial staff). All in all not a very good restaurant to eat at.
"I remember Shady Glen back in my day"
"Are you enjoying your Shady Glen cheeseburger?"
"Good to know, uuuupthebutt, Good times, shlup!"(words overheard at said restaurant)
*ravenous farting sound from bathroom* "Made a mess!"
"Easy donkey"
"23 sodas, 12 waters"
Oh boy oh boy a Shady Glen Cheeseburger!
by Aldick Wesbutt January 11, 2010
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