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A person who is a such a slut that she cannot even only go for one person at a time and is constantly licking Aidan's SWEATY Shoulder and cannot and will not stop. She is not intellectual and believes that there is 2 billion people in America. She is trash at minecraft and all other video game. She does come up with cool words like Sweaty that was felipe; he coined it. She is going after Ethan Klopert but has no chance. She likes this guy named Odin but has no chance either she is no where near his level. This person is a duff and loves to hoe around. She is so emo her minecraft name is Shadow Hut... Her Ps Name is Asiansniper 123. This Phillipino has no sense of style and wears this black shirt every single day. She smokes everyday but alone because she has no friends. She does however crack cold ones occasionally and are enjoyable.
Look at Shadow Hut hoeing around with no chance.

EWW Why is Shadow Hut licking his shoulder AGAIN
by Felipe Mexican December 10, 2017
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