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STH occurs when you have sex with someone who will cause you to be humiliated by your peers. Usually the person is goofy or awkward and you regret having sex with him/her immediately after. It’s so embarrassing that you try to hide the fact that you two had sex to save yourself from the endless amount of jokes that your friends, coworkers, teachers, parents, and priest will make about you for the rest of your life. Similar to an STD, sexually transmitted humiliation cannot be cured.
Ben: Dude, did you screw Gertrude?
Tyler: No! No way, man! Why uhh... why do you ask?
Ben: Hahahah! You have Sexually Transmitted Humiliation (STH). That shit's worse than gonorrhea!
Priest: Tyler... you're fucked. Even God's laughing at you right now, in case you were wondering.
by Ohio Mike February 09, 2010
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