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A Sexual Wingman is a guy/girl you bring along with you on singles
outings (like to bars) that helps you out with the women/men.

Typically in these ways :
• The Sexual Wingman will always be there to “occupy” the friends of the pair so that you may engage in the “conversation”

• When the sexual wingman technique is used, both girls/guys are
approached by the men/women, and the sexual Wingman automatically
engages in conversation with the friend.

• At the end of the night, after you have worked your
magic, the Sexual Wingman, AND ONLY THE WINGMAN, offers
the girls/guys to comeback to her/his place for a little ‘after party’.
• Once everyone arrives, the Sexual Wingman “occupies” the
friend IN ANOTHER ROOM, leaving yourself and the
sweet sweet little hotty alone so that you can hook it up!

Important note: Keep in mind that a sexual wingman
should always be of equal
or greater knowledge then you.

Learning and practiceing the Sexual Wingman support system
is an unbelievable asset if done right. Your sexual wingman is
an invaluable assistant for you so don't underestimate
the value of finding a sexual Wingman that can work with you.
"Tonight I need you to be my sexual wingman, you in?"
by sexual wingman September 17, 2008
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