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A unique and private sexual culture where members called Red Tails participate in a private culture defined by eight core values.

There is a great deal of open female nudity and masturbation, female sisterhood intimacy, male self discipline, male respect for female nudity and sexuality, restriction for male nudity and masturbation, and the controversial nature that males and female friends can masturbate with each other (or under blankets), but cannot engage in sexual activity involving genital penetration because of a shared respect for the creation of life. Full genital penetration of both genders are only allowed for officially married couples only. This culture empathizes innocence, harmony, respect, affection, kindness, politeness, friendship, gender cohesion, gender liberty, gender appreciation, personal freedom to act however one wants, sexual consent, and the upholding of the traditional marriage.

The nature of this culture allows for male and female members to casually do group activities together, relax and hang out with each other, bathe together, groom together, dress together, and sleep (non-sexually) together.

This culture doesn't focus on the sexual aspect of the culture but rather the gender harmony, gender liberty, personal liberties, and inseparable friendship bonds of it's members from all walks of life. In addition there is also a shared interest or respect for the Cristian-faith and of Buddhist and Confucian philosophy.
Sexual Fox Culture (SFC) is a culture in which emphasizes gender cohesion, gender liberty, personal liberty, and a set of ethics that creates an inseparable, extremely close, and lifelong friendships from individuals of all walks of life.
by David White Rock November 21, 2016
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