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A woman, typically a client of yours, who is voraciously sexually aggressive. Unlike their fish cousins, the sexual piranha does not typically attack in swarms, instead choosing to be a solo hunter.

The sexual piranha does not use any forms of stealth in her hunt, instead she employs a blitzkrieg style attack usually consisting of strong eye contact, recounted sexual escapades and direct questioning about your own interest in carnal knowledge with her.

The only way to avoid an attack from a sexual piranha is create self deprecating lies about the size of your penis and your sexual prowess. If you failed to do this fast, your penis may already be inside her... you were too late.
So I just met the client for the new business, HUGE sexual piranha, I had to tell her my dick is crooked and I cry after sex to escape her clutches!
by JCashmere July 30, 2009
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