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Used to chain ur partner to the bed them give them all you got!
I came home from work one day and saw Luke lying on our bed wearing my g string he gave me for Christmas. I got really excited. I loved it when we role played. He picked me up and placed me on the bed. I started to get excited. He then took out the (sex) sex handcuffs he hid under the covers and hand cuffed me to the bed posts. I was powerless. He started to take of my clothes. First my top and skirt leaving me wearing just my underwear and bra. He then took them off me to. He then took of all of his clothes. He started to tease me by kissing me around my waist and just below my boobs. He then started to eat me out. I loved every second of it. He then jumped on top of me and started to push his hard erect penis inside of me. Boy what a night.
by Clitn bbob December 28, 2011
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