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An African American (typically male) that resides beneath one's kitchen sink, and kidnaps children to feast upon. Most active from early to late evening, the Sewer Nigger (Cloaka Africani) prefers young Caucasian boys between the ages of 8 and 17.

The sewer nigger can be kept at bay through weekly offerings of fried chicken and young boys. This is done by tying the boy's arms and legs together and placing a bucket of KFC beside him. Leave the boy and the chicken in front of the cabinet doors until the offering is accepted.
Sewer niggers see it as a sign of trust and acceptance to be given a name. Common names are Tyrone, Darnell, Mar' Quan, or Tyrrell. Once their trust is gained, they may even emerge from their dwelling place to clean your kitchen or bathroom while you are asleep. In some rare cases, sewer niggers have been reported to eat out of their home owner's hand or even crawl into bed with them.
Ex) I went into the kitchen to make a sandwich when a feral sewer nigger came out from under my kitchen sink and stabbed me with a plastic spork.
Ex) Today a sewer nigger popped out from my cabinets and sprayed windex in my eyes. However, I escaped by offering him my little brother.
by Captain Guilf December 16, 2013
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