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The act of being named Seth while being 100% Jewish on a daily basis. One could qualify Seth the Jew as the biggest stingiest motherfucker one could meet in their lifetime. At times, Seth the Jew may ask you to put Sears Boxing Day items on your credit card (approximately $300/year) to benefit of an additional 10% off - however, should you ask him to "front" you a 1/4 of Marijuana (valued at $50 until payday - 4 days later), he will simply refuse out of total Jewishness.
Juicy: Yo, can you spot some Marijane? You did benefit out of an additional 10% by using my Sears Mastercard on Boxing Day!
Seth the Jew: Yeah, that's cool homie - it's 50 as usual...

Juicy: Do you mind fronting me till payday? The holidays were brutal.
Seth: I am going to have to see if I do have any weed left.... I might be out...

by CanYouHandleDaTruth January 04, 2014
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