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Gary Sorrentino is the vice principal of a high school in union county, New Jersey. The man is old, and he treats people like a Sergent would treat a private. With swift actions of discipline that are, at times, uncalled for. He does not like children, nor does he like his colleagues. The man tends to be nice on occasion, but does not do a good job of it. We do not like Gary, and we want him gone. He is a bad Vice Principal.
Person 1: Damn, Mr. Sorrentino is so unreasonable! He treats his students like dirt!
Person 2: Yea, talk about told to act like adults, but treated like children.
Person 1: Sorrentino, more like Sergentino! Am I right?
Person 2: Yes you are, yes you ar
Sorrentino: *pops up out of nowhere* WuT fAm?! 3 central detentions for the each of you!
by _PJ June 01, 2018
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