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Young Buckler
Indian Buckler
European Buckler

Each is given to adapt to certain personalities and scenario's.

An adjective which describes the act of being buckled, either from consumption of alcohol, acts of idiocy or immaturity and so on.
4 a.m:
*Brendan wakes up from excessive consumption of alcohol*
Mitch: Brenzz man, you were gone before the party even started
Brendan: Bro, we had too much
Mitch: I haven't even slept, your just a Serbian Buckler!

Kid #1: So what would you do if I got with your friend?
Mitch: Bahaha, try if you can, you won't get anywhere!
Kid #1: We'll see, I'm going to abuse the bitch in all kinds of ways
Mitch: Yer ok mate
Kid#1: I'll put your head into the floor
Mitch: HaHAhaAHaH!! Your just a Young Buckler!

Kid#2: Fuck, he's my idol!
Brendan: Why's that?
Kid#2: He just pulled a girl. Woah!
Brendan: Mate, your just a Serbian Buckler!
by MITCH23Q & BrenzzZ September 06, 2009
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