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serbian strength is a serbian power that causes them to be ridiculously strong thus very dangerous. During play fights serbian people tend to take it easy so they are not putting in a lot off effort , but unfortunately if the serbian starts becoming aggravated a shadow will fall across his eyes and he will go mental and beat the shit out off anyone no matter how many people there are. Some serbian people have learnt to hide this strength by avoiding conflict, but if conflict is unavoidable he will do anything to kill that person which is why it is bad for a serbian person to be out alone... he needs a couple of english people to hold him back when he is in sed fight so that he doesnt kill the person.
Harry: Wow did you see what Milos did??
John: Yeah, i heard he was at a rave and there was beef.
Harry: Yeah, holy shit, the way he beat the shit out of all 4 people..... thank god for that serbian strength
by Justthatserbian June 13, 2010
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